Travel Bloggers Unite in Innsbruck: Creative & Inspired

I recently attended an amazing travel blogger conference in Innsbruck full of twitter, WiFi & iPad hungry peoplepassionate about their blogs and the myriad of possibilities offered by networking in this community. What a great experience!


Travel Bloggers Unite Conference, Networking and Niche Blogging

Certainly it was all very worthwile, and for me running a niche blog about interactive, creative travelling, a must in terms of linking up with other like-minded travellers and bloggers. In addition to interesting panel talks, finally meeting conference organiser Oliver in person ;) and congratulating each other on our many initiatives with regards to travel blogging, I also attended an “iPhoneography Tour” run by iPhone travel expert Kirsten Alana. It was an amazing tour, and I have certainly never looked at Innsbruck from this angle despite many visits in past!

In less than an hour, I learned how to make the following collage on my iPhone and essentially took part in a creative photography workshop - only that this time, it was offered by an American in Austria specifically for people travelling with an iPhone! Well, the world is growing smaller and more interesting by the minute, isn’t it :-)



Connecting with a growing community of well-established Travel Bloggers

Inside The Travel Lab

One of the travel bloggers I met during the conference and whose presentation and insights into the “travel blogging sphere” I particularly enjoyed is a blog called Inside The Travel Lab run by Abigail King. Abi has already written for the National Geographic Traveller and features among the 100 favourite travel writers on Tripbase. She is certainly someone to learn from!

Traveldudes Community Network

great community platform for travellers posting about or looking for travel tips from real travellers, Melvin gave us useful infos as to how to achieve a balance between real travel tips and using your website to generate revenue through different forms of commercialisation. See for more information, travel tips and stories!

This International Life

American expat living in Munich, Julie Galante runs two blogs pursuing the great passions of her life: art and travelling. She is very keen on linking both and can quite possibly soon be found enjoying creative travel in Austria during a painting, cheese-making or culinary workshop! In the meantime, check out her Art Blog as well as herTravel Blog here.

Woman Seeks World

Traveller Nicole is a great person to meet and I really enjoy reading her blog on her She provides readers with a lot of useful tips for travelling as well as moving and working abroad. Keep up the good efforts Nicole :-)

The Solo Traveler

Janice Waugh is an outstanding (solo) traveling lady, which is why I went straight from getting to know her in a conference break to buying a copy of her book, The Solo Traveler’s Handbook. She runs a blog called The Solo Traveler Blog and a bit similar to us here, fills the niche of promoting solo traveling, i.e. traveling on one’s own and all the issues surrounding this form of traveling. It’s a great resource for all those keen travellers out there, such as I have been when I started travel(blog)ing around the world in the beginning of this year: A solo traveler, but constantly meeting up with friends or acquaintances on the road. The greatest message is, I reckon:

Keep trusting. The world is still an awesome place.

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