Creative Tourism Network Thailand: 1st International Forum

On 4 October, 2012, the public Thai organization DASTA (Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration) spearheaded by a dedicated team around Dr. Jutamas Jan Winsansing, of Perfect Link Consulting Group and PATA Thailand Organization Chair, convened the first International Forum on the Creative Tourism Network Thailand.

For this purpose, both me and my colleague Caroline Couret of Barcelona Creative Tourism and the International Creative Tourism Network travelled almost 20.000 kilometres in order to be part of this special forum and to experience Thai culture through a series of networking events and hands-on workshops.


Creative Tourism: Hands-on workshops experiencing local Thai culture

Throughout the week we spent in Thailand (Bangkok & surroundings), it felt as if Caroline and me had been given the status of “unofficial Royals”! It is amazing what the hospitality of the Thai people stretches to given the international context and the wealth of creative tourism activities on display.

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Besides joining a wonderful Bangkok Food Tours experience, staying at some exciting hotels & hostels (thank you Lub’d and Siam@Siam Design Hotel!), being invited to a great massage at the renowned Bangkok Oasis Spa and escorted to amazing eco-cultural-resort Sampran Riverside, we experienced some great interactive, hands-on culture workshops in Thailand.

Caroline and me joined Thai cooking lessons, visited a small rice plantation, tasted different tea grown on an organic farm property, learned how to “bamboo dance”, took part in an orchid flower workshops, visited the famous floating markets and much more.

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International Forum on Creative Tourism Network Thailand

The Creative Tourism Network conference itself was also organized around several interactive activities allowing visitors and participants to meet local Thai people. We marvelled at the professional level of event organisation, including flower lessons, traditional dance shows, cooking & Thai Martial Arts. Last but not least, perhaps the greatest compliment we earned was that everyone “kept quiet” throughout our presentations at the Creative Tourism Network Forum given the otherwise lively, bubbly nature of the Thai people ..

Check out the following link for an overview and further details of the presentation we gave during the conference: and watch our international video here:

It was certainly a wonderful opportunity to travel and one we shall never forget, thanks to hosts dedicated to promote creative cultural travel in Thailand. I am very glad we got to share our creative tourism experiences as part of this forum, met so many wonderful people and talk of mutual benefits for further networking and exchange. Hopefully, all of the Thai creative minds get the chance to make it to Europe one day, where we will certainly reciprocate the favour of experiencing our own culture through hands-on creative workshops.

Thank you so much, Creative Tourism Network Thailand, for this amazing creative travel opportunity!


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